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This band from Portugal, Vaee Solis, takes some of the most hateful vocals to touch a microphone and throws them against depraved riffs to make for music that brings an uneasy feeling when you are listening to it alone. The production on their album Adversarial Light is impeccable, and milks the most anguish out of their performance as possible. The initial slap of this band is powerful, but can they keep you in this mental state for the duration of the album, or do we just go back to color-by-numbers metal?

Vaee Solis make equal parts sludge and doom. The have the disdain for melody that a band like Eyehategod possesses, but less of the punk attitude and a heavier emotional outpouring. They use some of tricks from the ultimate book of doom metal, but molest them with their malicious intentions. This is doom for fans of crust; it has a very dirty undercoating, despite the crisp production. The singer’s voice touches on almost a black metal like rasp at times, but I wouldn’t go as far as to call these kids “blackened.”

[Cvlt Nation]

Black 12″ (140g) with B/W labels in a white paper bag.

Double sided B/W, 150gsm art paper insert.

Simple jacket, B/W on 280gsm stock, coated paper, with 3mm spine

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